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Penzance Dry Dock Team take on Newlyn Raft Race

Last Sunday saw the team from Penzance Dry Dock take part in the Fun Day Raft Race at Newlyn to help raise funds for the Newlyn Christmas Lights.

Decked in sailors' caps, flags flying and with Pirate Pete Hewett at the helm, and Jaunty Jamie, Nautical Nic, MeHearty Harry and Landlubber Lukas aboard, they made a good, if not disadvantaged start.

There was a great turnout of competitors and supporters, despite the adverse weather conditions.

As a result of adverse windy weather conditions and a poor starting position they came a valiant 14th, yet no sinking occurred which was a major plus. On reflection, they decided that the raft was clearly too heavy duty. Next year they are aiming for a lighter, more hydro-dynamic craft, so watch this space.


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