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Commercial Fishing

If your fishing vessel is out of commission, you are losing money. We work quickly to get you back out to sea as soon as possible.

Being situated next to one of the biggest fishing areas in the UK means Penzance Dry Dock is one of the country's leading repair yards for fishing vessels.

With more than 180 years of experience in marine engineering, we can support the full life cycle from vessel design and build, to repair and maintenance to end of life support.

Lyonnese Lady in Dock.jpeg

The yard combines its traditional skills with modern technology and working practices to provide a totally flexible facility at highly competitive rates to satisfy all of your fishing vessel requirements.

Work can be undertaken with vessels afloat in the inner harbour (max depth 6m) in the dry dock itself (max. depth 3.7m) or a tidal berth in the event of urgent propeller /rudder repairs.

We enjoy close links with the MCA inspectorate and are fully up to date with all the regulations relating to fishing vessels.

CEO Jamie Murphy extends a warm invitation to all skippers to visit the yard and view first-hand the available facilities together with the exacting standards of our workmanship.

As part of our commitment to the fishing industry, we are pleased to offer a 24-hour emergency repair service. Emergency afloat repairs are also available in the Southwest of Cornwall.

Our highly flexible and competitive approach heralds a new era for the yard, which will enable us to provide a service for all fishing vessels that is second to none.

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