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Councillor Visit

We had the pleasure of hosting CLR Louis Gardner at Penzance Dry Dock.

Louis is the is the Portfolio holder for Economy for Cornwall Council. His is the lead Executive Member with responsibility for working with the Local Enterprise Partnership and The Great South West.

Jamie and Louis are both Royal Naval Veterans and are now both ex-servicemen, continuing to do their service in the best way they can to help the industry.

Louis had a tour of the site and saw the current projects. They talked about our team's passion for reviving the industry in West Cornwall, how many jobs we've created, and what we've accomplished in such a short period.

They discussed the significance of international contracts we are working on and how that will positively impact the area. They also talked about our involvement in supporting the Offshore Renewable industry.

Penzance Dry Dock is working with Cornwall Council on a pathway forward to help us reach our ambitions.

CLR Louis Gardner, Cornwall Council with CEO Jamie Murphy, Penzance Dry Dock


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