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OUr Team

The key to our success is our team. Each of our staff is exceptional in their own right, but their combined efforts make Penzance Dry Dock such a vibrant and enjoyable workplace. The team is a close-knit, talented group with a common goal of doing the seemingly impossible for our clients. Everything we do is driven by Impact, Momentum and Passion.

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OUr story

Since acquiring Penzance Dry Dock, we have been focusing on growing local industry specialising in ship repair and building, alongside training the next generation of marine engineers - building skills and bringing prosperity to the area. 

OUr History

Established in 1834, Penzance Dry Dock is one of the oldest operating Docks of its type. Expertise and skills have been passed down through the generations.

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OUr Legacy

Building the next generation of skilled individuals is high on our priority. We are proud to have launched the first apprenticeship scheme in over 25 years at Penzance Dry Dock.

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