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Derek Thomas MP welcomes the Minister of State for Employment to the Penzance Dry Dock

Derek Thomas MP brought Guy Opperman, Minister of State for Employment, and Senior Officials from the Department for Work and Pensions and the Job Centre to Penzance to meet with local business owners at the Harbourside Cafe. This was an opportunity for Penzance Dry Dock and other local businesses to have a conversation about what the government and the Job Centre can do to ensure that all businesses have access to the employees and skills they require to grow.

Derek Thomas MP, Jamie Murphy, Guy Opperman

We enjoyed showing the Minster, around Penzance Dry Dock and discussing how our workforce will play a crucial part in supporting industries such as UK Shipbuilding and Floating Offshore Wind. Penzance Dry Dock's quick expansion and operating capabilities have evolved over the last two years.

We addressed how we intend to raise our employment figures to meet the demands of our prospective projects. These industries require a highly trained workforce to ensure the safety and quality of our services, and we are committed to investing in our employees through training and apprenticeship programs.

Furthers discussions were had on employment challenges in Cornwall, housing our workforce, and the struggles of re-establishing this historic facility back to its proper place in the industry. It was great to hear about the Minsters plans to support local businesses and create more job opportunities in the region. Looking forward to seeing positive changes in our community!

Derek Thomas, Jamie Murphy, Guy Opperman, and other local business owners

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