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Commercial Marine

Vessel downtime can be costly. Our repair and refit teams ensure your vessels can continue operating throughout the year to maintain your business's momentum.

Whether routine maintenance, refit, restoration or emergency repairs, we've got you covered.

We have a highly skilled workforce in-house including marine engineers, naval architects, electrical engineers, and specialist fabricators. Our extensive network of strategic partners means we can source anything you need for your project; from OEM parts to bespoke interiors.

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The facilities at Penzance Dry Dock are well-equipped to refit vessels, such as the Ferries, Tugs, Workboats, Survey Vessels. Work can be undertaken with vessels afloat in the inner harbour, in the dry dock itself (max. length 75m) or a tidal berth in the event of urgent propeller /rudder repairs.

For the larger vessels, we offer highly field engineers around the UK and Europe, and emergency support for vessels afloat in the Southwest.

In the commercial marine world if your vessels are out of the water, you are losing money. Penzance Dry Dock’s parent company Linked Solutions are experts in project management, consultation, procurement, marine engineering, and complete manufacturing solutions. We have now grown to such a size that we work hand in hand with some leading UK manufacturers and engineering companies with five strategic sites across the UK. Whether it is bespoke complex components or large-scale manufacturing, we’ve got you covered.

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