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Offshore Renewables

The UK is the world’s leader in offshore renewable energy, and according to the Crown state, the country is on track for 33% of the UK’s electricity to be generated by offshore wind by 2030.

The Celtic Sea FLOW is a great opportunity to secure a more sustainable future for UK energy production.

Penzance Dry Dock is working in collaboration with key stakeholders to support this large-scale project. Strategically located on the Southwestern tip of the UK, Penzance Dry Dock will be a service hub for the project.

Lyonnese Lady in Dock.jpeg

The facilities at Penzance Dry Dock are well-equipped to refit smaller vessels, such as the Crew Transfer Vessels that operate on Offshore Wind Farms.

Work can be undertaken with vessels afloat in the inner harbour (max depth 6m) in the dry dock itself (max. depth 3.7m) or a tidal berth in the event of urgent propeller or rudder repairs.

For the larger vessels, we offer highly skilled Field Engineers, and emergency support for the Southwest.

Penzance Dry Dock's parent company, Linked Solutions, are experts in project management, consultation, procurement, marine engineering, and complete manufacturing solutions.

We work hand in hand with some leading UK manufacturers and engineering companies with five strategic sites across the UK.

Whether you require bespoke components for your project or large-scale manufacturing, we've got you covered.

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