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Penzance Dry Dock has a proven track record with the defence industry with vessels coming back year on year for the quick turn around and in-house expertise.

Many of the Penzance Dry Dock team come from naval backgrounds, and understand the unique demands the defence industry requires.

Our team has worked on many naval ships throughout refits and maintenance periods, including Patrol vessels, Minehunters, Frigates, Destroyers, Landing craft, Assault vessels, Aircraft carriers, and Submarines.

Lyonnese Lady in Dock.jpeg

The facilities at Penzance Dry Dock are well-equipped to refit smaller vessels, such as the landing crafts, UK Border Force fleet and the coastal fisheries protection vessels.

Work can be undertaken with vessels afloat in the inner harbour (max. length 105 m) in the dry dock itself (max. length 75 m) or a tidal berth in the event of urgent propeller /rudder repairs.

For larger ships, we offer highly skilled mobile engineers, and emergency support whilst on exercise around the Southwest.

Our internal skillset allows us to deliver all major retrofit services in-house; but, if you have specific contractors in mind, we can help you source them and manage them.

We can work in high-pressure and highly-complex environments, with our highly experienced engineers ensuring the work done right the first time and meets MoD standards.

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