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New barge - The Miller

Last week our team collected The Miller, a 1932 Scottish Coastal Barge, and brought her down to Penzance Dry Dock as part of the first phase of a turnkey service.

Although this is a big restoration project, the older barges like The Miller have so much character and potential. Her elegant lines, gorgeous proportions, and history of an antique barge are enough to captivate the expert and the layman alike.

The first step of the project is high pressure blasting the hull to identify any areas of corrosion. Once the blasting is complete, the marine surveyor will inspect the vessel and inform us what work needs to be done, after which we will discuss the next steps with the client.

Whether it's routine maintenance, refit, a complete restoration project or emergency repairs, we've got you covered.

If you are thinking about your next marine project, or you have a vessel you would like to go back on the water, we can help you with the project and ensure you meet all the necessary regulations.

We have a highly-skilled workforce in-house, including marine engineers, designers, electricians, and specialist fabricators. As well as an extensive network of partners means we can source anything you need for your project, from OEM parts to bespoke interiors.

Get in touch to find out more on our services or 01736 363838.


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