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Our story

Jamie Murphy started Linked Solutions shortly after leaving the Royal Navy. The company began by offering professional services such as project management, consultation, procurement, marine engineering, and complete manufacturing solutions. We have now grown to such a size that we work hand in hand with some leading UK manufacturers and engineering companies with five strategic sites across the UK.

After such a successful year, Linked Solutions was able saved the Dry Dock from closing and officially took over the Penzance Dry Dock (2009) Ltd, the Penzance Dry Dock operating company, in July 2021.

Penzance Dry Dock
Penzance Dry Dock

The Penzance Dry Dock is an iconic part of the Penzance landscape and faced closure in late 2020. Many people were due to lose their jobs, and this historic dry dock would have been turned into flats.

Since acquiring Penzance Dry Dock, we have been focusing on growing local industry specialising in ship repair and building, alongside training the next generation of marine engineers - building skills and bringing prosperity to the area. We have a mass workshop used for fabrication work and machining, and we are in the process of converting sections to be used for modular shipbuilding with our strategic partners.

Penzance Dry Dock is located at the UK's South-Western tip and great layover for vessels heading to Northern Europe. Having been an operating shipyard for almost 200 years, we have a wealth of experience in ship repair and building. Our facilities are fully equipped for marine engineering projects, with an experienced team and expert contractors on hand.

Penzance Dry Dock and Linked Solutions take a modern approach. Combined with our breadth of experience and capability, we are well placed to develop future opportunities in domestic and international markets.


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