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Our history

Penzance Dry Dock is an iconic part of Penzance and we're passionate about preserving its history and breathing life back into the industry.

Established in 1834, Penzance Dry Dock is one of the oldest operating Docks of its type in Europe.

Here's a collection of photos from Penzance Dry Dock over the years.

Early 1900’s at the dry dock with steam powered machinery and the original wooden gates.
Holman’s staff in the 1960’s. Our CEO’s grandfather worked here….so Jamie Murphy is continuing a family tradition.
The Dry Dock in the 1970’s was still run by Holman’s whose name was renowned within Penzance.
The original dry dock gates undergoing a temporary repair after a storm in the late 1980’s.
The new gates arrive to be fitted at the dry dock in the early 90’s. The gates were made onsite by fabricators working for N.Holman and Sons.

Please get in touch if you have any information on the Penzance Dry Dock, family connections, or photographs. Please contact us via email at or call 01736 363838.


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