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Where the Western Approaches meet the English Channel: Europe's first dry dock is well equipped for a full range of refit, repair and engineering services.


Strategically located in the Southwest, Penzance Dry Dock is well-equipped to service the following sectors:

6 operational sites at dry dock


We are a traditional yard that has been operating for almost 200 years, with generations of knowledge passed down.

Six operational sites where we can build, repair, refit, and convert everything from Fishing Boats to Passenger Ferries to Superyachts up to 75 meters in length in the Dry Dock or vessels up to 106m wet dock.

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About us

The key to our success is our team. Each of our staff is exceptional in their own right, but their combined efforts make Penzance Dry Dock such a vibrant and enjoyable workplace. The team is a close-knit, talented group with a common goal of doing the seemingly impossible for our clients.

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