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🌍 Happy World Environment Day! 🌿

Today, let's celebrate our commitment to the environment and highlight the importance of preserving our planet's natural resources.

Penzance Dry Dock is a vital pace for repairs and maintenance. Vessels are lifted out of the water, enabling crucial inspections and ensuring that vessels continue to sail safely.

Did you know that Penzance dry dock also contribute to a greener future?

🌱 Innovation: Penzance Dry Dock are at the forefront of technological advancements in shipbuilding and repair. From eco-friendly materials to energy-efficient practices, the industry continues to pioneer solutions that reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact. Penzance Dry Dock has partnerships with several companies that specialise in carbon reduction and improving energy efficiency in vessels. Energy emissions and impact is something we consider when designing all our new build vessel. We also offer retrofits to older vessels to help them meet the new emission requirements.

✨ Conservation: Penzance Dry Dock provides a controlled environment for ship maintenance, preventing the release of harmful substances into our precious marine ecosystems. By keeping our waters clean, we safeguard the habitats of countless marine species.

🌊 Offshore renewable energy: The Celtic Sea represents an excellent opportunity to secure a more sustainable future for UK energy production through Floating Offshore Wind. This project, led by The Crown Estate, will deliver a leasing opportunity for the first generation of commercial-scale floating offshore windfarms – unlocking up to 4GW of new clean energy capacity by 2035. Penzance Dry Dock will play an important role in supporting the renewable sector with manufacturing, fabrication, shipbuilding, vessel repair and maintenance.

💡 Green skills : Penzance Dry dock aims to be an educational hubs, raising awareness about the importance of sustainable maritime practices. By showcasing eco-friendly initiatives and inspiring future generations, we can shape a more environmentally conscious maritime industry. Check out this video from the BBC on Green jobs -

Let's continue to explore innovative solutions, support green technologies, and take collective action for the benefit of our environment and future generations. 🌎🌿

Call 01736 363838 or email to discuss the green innovations available for your project.


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