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Repairs on essential freight vessel

The Lyonesse Lady, owned by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company, is a vital vessel that transports freight between the Scilly Isles. Unfortunately, she came out of service as she required repairs.

We have made priority dock capacity available for the Lyonesse Lady, welcoming her into Penzance Dry Dock on August 18th. This was a time-sensitive situation, our crew worked around the clock to get the Lyonesse Lady back in the water.

We expect the vessel to be undocked and for her to resume operation on August 22nd, minimising disruption to the island's residents and visitors alike.

Photo: Lyonesse Lady in Penzance Dry Dock at night

We are available to support the local fleets 24/7, 365 days a year, with our emergency response team. Depending on your requirements, we will fit your vessel into the Dry Dock or wet dock. If you need emergency repairs whilst on a voyage but your vessel is too big for our docks, you can use our mooring in Mounts Bay, and we will send the maintenance crew to you in our company workboat, Braveheart. Find out more information about the emergency response team here or call 01736 363838.


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