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New markets - Trade mission

A momentous week for Penzance Dry Dock as we enter new markets. Our CEO Jamie Murphy is on his way back from a successful trade mission to Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Jamie presented our shipbuilding strategy to their government, including the President and High Commissioner's Office, explaining how we could support their aspirations by building a fleet of ships.

Penzance Dry Dock has closely worked with the UK Department of International Trade and our shipbuilding partners to develop versatile fishing vessels that meet the needs of Zanzibar and Tanzanian waters.

The strategy was well-received. We are on our way to creating a new shipbuilding hub in Cornwall, which will create more jobs, and rejuvenate the area's industry.

We're proud of our accomplishments so far and grateful to our shipbuilding partners, Department for International Trade (DIT), Macduff Ship Design Ltd., Tor Group International, Kort Propulsion Co Ltd, and Wills Ridley Ltd, for their support.


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