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Happy International Women's Day

Happy International Woman’s Day!!! The team at Penzance Dry Dock may not be large but we would be most certainly lost without these three key members of staff.

Cat, our business development manager has been with us since day one and is key to developing our company strategy. Donna and Emma joined the team on completing the acquisition of the dry dock, are our legal and HR business partners who have ensured throughout our rapid growth that we have the correct processes and have been hitting the right notes from day one.

A lot of these job roles are tasks which people think that can just ‘do’, but the simple fact of the matter is that not just any one can just do these jobs. It takes years of experience, hard work and years of commitment in both university and in industry. These women are absolutely fantastic and vital members of our team. We couldn’t have found better people for the job, and are incredibly lucky to have them here helping and supporting us to drive the whole business forward!


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