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Geospatial services

Spica is a privately owned Dutch barge going through a series of repairs at Penzance Dry Dock to extend the lifetime of the vessel. Having been in situ for several years there is, as expected, a lot of corrosion to the hull. We have an open and transparent relationship with all our clients, and we needed an easy way to communicate the work that needed to be done without the owner needing to take time out of their busy schedule to come down.

To allow us to provide this service, we partnered with 3DMSI Ltd, who specialise in high-definition surveys and geospatial risk management. Their team has extensive experience working in the marine sector throughout the South-West, UK, and internationally, on various projects providing high precision as-built information.

Max came to the Dry Dock and scanned the entire hull, providing us with a mm accurate survey. From this report they produced a detailed report and drawings, allowing us to jump on a call with the owner, and have an open and honest conversation. We informed them of where the main issues with the hull were; which gave them peace of mind, as they understood the process and what repair works needed to be done.

Being able to provide high-definition geospatial services helps us manage risks in your project by giving us clear and accurate scaled pictures of part of your vessel which helps with ordering materials and labour costs. We can also get accurate digital drawings of your whole vessel to keep on record for future work.

3DSMI are easy to work with, professional, and produce high-quality surveys within a quick turnaround, and we are happy to be partnered with them and be able to offer their services on site.

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