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Fishing vessels

It’s been an action-packed few weeks with Penzance Dry Dock team visiting both the Newlyn and Brixham fishing fleets to talk about what support we offer here at the dry dock.

Everyone we spoke to was impressed by our commitment to training and developing the next generation of shipbuilders and repairers through our apprenticeship scheme and our commitment to supporting British industry.

Penzance Dry Docks offer an excellent option for repairing fishing vessels. Dry docking allows for easy and safe access to the hull, propellers, and other parts of the boat that may need repair. Performing repairs while the vessel is out of the water eliminates the need for costly underwater repairs or temporary fixes that may only last for a short period.

The site is well equipped to support the UK fishing fleet offering everything from engineering works, fabrication, basic refits, life extension refits, painting and more.

As well as the Dry dock itself and also drying out berths and a wet dock all of which can fit a variety of vessels, we also offer mobile repairs and we have a great fabrication set up and forge on the dockside where we can make any bespoke piece your vessels may require.

We look forward to deepening our ties to the fishing industry and look forward to working with the UK fleet.

Contact us today to book your dry dock space and keep your vessel running smoothly. or call 01736 363838.


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